3 Hot Trends in Influencer Marketing for 2019

With the rapid decline of traditional marketing methods in recent year, businesses have quickly turned to the internet and social media platforms to connect with their audiences. A new and authentic way for businesses to reach their audiences has arrived in the form of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a very valuable tool for many businesses – big and small. It allows businesses to engage with their audiences in a less direct and non-evasive way. It’s more of a natural way to recommend products and services to consumers. As more and more businesses are beginning to use influencer marketing, it’s continuing to evolve and adapt. So, let’s look at three of the top forecasted trends in influencer marketing for 2019.

The authenticity of Influencers is Essential

The success of influencer marketing is based on trust. If businesses can connect with audiences through a trustworthy and reputable influencer, it can work wonders. There are so many authentic and credible social media figures who are huge brand influencers, but at the same time, there are many ingenuine influencers out there.

Working with ‘fake’ influencers can be detrimental, so going forward, businesses will have to be very cautious when selecting which influencers they plan to work with. This can be easily established through some basic influencer research or working alongside a reputable agency such as One Cirqle.

Video Marketing will be Key

2018 saw a considerable rise in video marketing which represents more than three-quarters of all internet traffic. Due to the dynamic and engaging nature of video content, this type of creative can be twice as effective in driving sales compared to text-based content.

Influencers will continue to experiment with video marketing trends through Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Video content can be in the form of tutorials, product unveiling or reviews, behind the scenes, and even Q&As on a specific product or service.

Instagram Stories will Grow

Just as video is vital for marketing, Instagram Stories is just as important in this day and age. Instagram surpassed Snapchat in terms of storytelling and now has more than 250 million users. Instagram Stories owes a lot of its success to influencers as they paved the way for using the app creatively to engage and gain followers.

Instagram Stories allows businesses to think outside the box when it comes to telling their story. The options are vast, and users can now create ads, add links or CTAs and tag people or businesses. This gives influencers a level of freedom to create the right branded content that drives results.

Instagram Stories are supposed to be ephemeral and so should be used almost like a sense of urgency for your content and promotions. It’s not about spending a lot of time designing perfect looking videos. Instead, using stories to enhance your brand and posting them at the optimal time.

Using an External Agency

Influencer marketing agencies and platforms can remove the guesswork from tracking down the right influencers for your brand. A specialised influencer marketing agency can help connect you with the influencers that are the best fit for your specific business and they can even take care of everything from influencer discovery to campaign execution. If you’re not sure where to start, speak with us at One Cirqle and make influencer marketing a part of your 2019 business strategy.