Who am I entering into a contract with?

As an influencer working with and supported by One Cirqle, you’ll be entering into a contract with us, One Cirqle, not the brands you work with.

Once you are approved, set up with and in a contract with us, the brands that you work with will be handled by us. The entire process of signing up is easy, and there’s not a lot of paperwork at all.

When you initially sign up with us at One Cirqle, you will have already agreed to a set of terms and conditions. If things change or there are special circumstances regarding a brand, you may need to sign further terms and conditions or an NDA or disclosure.

How does the payment process work?

Once you’ve been matched with a brand and have successfully posted a campaign, you will receive payment within 10 days. This payment will be made via PayPal or a bank transfer, depending on what you prefer.

When you sign up with us, we’ll gather all the relevant payment information from you to ensure you’re paid effectively each and every time you successfully complete a job with a brand.

Do I need to commit to a particular contract length?

When you work with One Cirqle, there is absolutely no commitment to stay with us if you don’t want to or would rather go elsewhere. Even while you work with us, you can sign up to other agencies if you wish. However, your influencer posts cannot cross over with another campaign. For example, if you post about a brand of trainers one day through One Cirqle, you must not post about the same brand with another agency within a certain time period. All of the specifics will be stipulated in the terms and conditions and specifically detailed in your contract.

Does it matter where I’m based?

You can be located anywhere in the world and work with One Cirqle. We’re primarily based in Berlin and London but work with influencers and brands all over the world. As long as you fit our requirements, you can work with us. No matter whether you’re based in Texas, Hawaii or Beijing, we’re happy to have you on board if you’re good at what you can do and can effectively influence and inspire through your social media.

Do I have to commit to any campaign?

We understand that not all jobs are for everyone. Therefore, we will always contact you first with all the relevant details of a job before going forward. Signing up with us means that you can and will be selected for upcoming campaigns, but we will always speak to you before assigning you with any.

By getting in touch with you before assigning you with a job, we’ll ensure that you’re happy to work with the allocated brand. The brands you’re matched with will be based on your niche influencer style.

Will I receive products?

If you’re expected to talk about a particular product, you will receive it so that you can use it and get a feel for it. Depending on the company or the product you’re promoting, in most cases, you will get to keep it. However, in some cases, if the item is a larger more expensive item, for example, something that costs over 200 euros, you may have to try it and then return it. Whether you get to keep the product will be reviewed on a case to case basis but will be mentioned in the initial brief so that you are fully aware up front.

What are your guidelines?

Unlike many other agencies, we’re about making influencer marketing as genuine and natural as possible. We won’t tell you how to use a product, how to hold it or how to promote it, but again, any specific requirements will be outlined in the brief. We avoid strict guidelines in order to create an authentic and organic experience.

Will my profile be checked?

In lines with due diligence, all influencer marketing profiles will be checked before we enter into a contract with you. In addition, your social media accounts will, from time to time, be spot checked. It’s essential that you have genuine followers that have been earned organically. We will not work with influencers who have paid for followers.

Spot checks may be required on occasion, and we would expect to see a screenshot or two of follower engagement such as genuine likes and DMs.

Do I need a business profile?

It is an advantage to have a business profile due to the increased insights that one provides. A business profile lets us see how many people clicked and where they click. This provides a lot of insight into the analytics. However, while desirable, a business profile is not a must. We will still work with influencers who use a personal profile.

Will I only get paid if I reach a certain amount of people?

From the outset, you will know how much money you will get. Your fee isn’t based on how many likes and comments you get. However, the more engagement you have, the more likely it will be that we’ll work with you again.

There are currently no engagement targets as we purely base it on your followers. However, this is subject to change. Around 10 days after the campaign has gone live, we will ask for proof of engagement. This could be a screenshot of how many people watched a story or a personal DM you’ve received as a result of the campaign.