Is Influencer Marketing like the Wild West?

Once looked upon as a risky and hazardous marketing approach, influencer marketing is now the norm for many forward-thinking brands. Influencers that have medium to large audiences can have a profound impact when working with a brand.

For many years, and more predominantly before influencer marketing, more traditional marketing efforts would involve paying large lump sums of money to celebrities, athletes, singers and other well-known famous people for a one-time endorsement of their product or service. Yes, these people amplified the brand’s message, creating loyalty through the personal connections that many audiences have with them, but financially, these were ephemeral. While many brands still go down this route, more strategic marketing campaigns consist of influencer marketing methods that are far more organic.

Evolving World of Influencer Marketing

In the first few years of influencer marketing, it developed very quickly through trial and error. While getting better over time, influencer marketing has yet to be regulated in a way in which that legitimises it. A strong example of how influencers aren’t always treated fairly is the Fyre Festival – a modern day marketing incident that caused almost everyone to question the impact of influencer marketing and the profound effects it can have. You can read more about that here

At One Cirqle, we understand and promote the incredible benefits of influencers. However, if influencers are inexperienced or work with an illegitimate agency, they can miss the mark entirely, disengaging their audience by appearing overly promotional which devalues both the brand and the integrity of the influencer.

Strategic Planning is Vital

Without a strong and stable creative strategy, influencer marketing can fall flat, or even backfire in some cases. And what’s even more, influencers are rarely appropriately compensated when they don’t work through a reputable agency. This is a real shame as they have no doubt worked hard to capture the attention of their audiences which in many cases, results in a measly $20 or so payout.

It is for these reasons that many marketers and industry insiders refer to influencer marketing as the Wild West – as it can be everyone for themselves. Influencer marketing is not a quick fix as there are lots of challenges in creating an effective campaign with lots of variables to consider.

Facing Challenges Head On

At One Cirqle, we pride ourselves in facing challenges head on to avoid a Wild West scenario. We match our influencers with brands that gel well together because creating lasting relationships is key to a successful campaign. A challenge faced by many is managing contracts, pay and the finer details of campaigns, but when you work with us, we do all the hard work, allowing brands and influencers to get on with creative collaboration.

Lastly and most importantly, we only work with influencers who are authentic, genuine and can provide a real insight into the analytics of a campaign. There are too many cases of ingenuine influencers with false accounts and paid followers duping brands into paying out large sums for nothing in return. To avoid the Wild West and be part of an influencer marketing campaign that will reap results, get in touch.