Micro vs Macro Influencers: The Rise of Social Media Influencers

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to hear the terms micro and macro influencers when it comes to marketing. But for many, exactly what these are remain a grey area, so let’s explore these in more depth.

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers tend to be regarded as regular social media users because usually, they have under 10,000 followers. It’s common for these people to apply to become micro influencers and tend to be people who have aesthetically pleasing social media accounts with a keen eye for an engaging visual.

Brands will give micro influencers (or a micro influencer platform agency) tailored briefs for them to respond to and promote to their followers.

The pros of micro influencers

  • They’re authentic
  • It’s cheap
  • Easy to execute

The cons of micro influencers

  • Capped visibility and reach
  • Brands have less control over a micro influencers output
  • ROI is often hard to prove

Macro Influencers

On the other hand, macro influencers tend to be famous; well-known; a household name even. These kinds of people are usually celebrities who have tens of thousands or millions of followers on their social media accounts.

Macro influencers are often approached by a brand directly. They’re asked to feature a brand’s product or service on their social media profiles, with a caption that mentions the brand clearly. These types of posts tend to state that they’re an advertisement and sometimes even include ‘#ad’. Macro influencing is great for visibility and awareness of brands on a large-scale.

The pros of macro influencers

  • They have a huge audience
  • Their message can reach far and wide
  • Brand ambassador instils trust

The cons of macro influencers

  • It can be very expensive
  • It can take time to work out a suitable deal

The Rise of Micro Influencers

With this year in full swing, it’s a great time to establish a fresh set of targets and potential opportunities for businesses when it comes to advertising. Influencers, micro are now an integral part of the marketing mix for brands that want to create high-quality content and appeal to their target audience. Influencer marketing presents a unique opportunity for cost-effective advertising that’s relevant and modern.

The Rise of Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are a helpful marketing tool that can drive up to 60% higher campaign engagement rates. Based on research from Experticity, 82% of consumers purchase good based on recommendations from their favourite micro influencers. This is a huge statistic and can have an extremely high impact on a brands marketing campaign, including food, travel, beauty and homewares.

Micro influencers first grew in popularity on Instagram, and now, can drive up to eight times more engagement than celebrities (macro influencers) can. This is purely down the fact that they have an intimate and trusting relationship with their followers. They are increasingly targeted towards a preferred audience. For the cost of one celebrity influencer, a brand can work with five micro influencers who really get to the heart of the desired target market.

A Successful Influencer Campaign

With influencer marketing being the fastest growing and most cost-effective channel for brands looking to promote their goods and drive sales, it’s essential that brands ensure campaigns are appealing to a variety of micro influencers in order to communicate different messages to different audiences.

Influencer marketing agencies can be an extremely cost-effective method as they ensure a brand’s campaign is integrated across paid and owned media, helping to maximise value from their spend, reinforcing existing conversations that influencers have already started. As a result, a carefully managed and executed influencer campaign can extend reach and build a wider audience, with the best-recruited influencers, which is more crucial than ever. One Cirqle aims to connect small genuine influencers with big industry brands, making influencer marketing more accessible to smaller businesses, enabling micro influencers to monetise on their profiles while cutting out the hard work of the daily admin tasks.

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